COVID survivor celebrates 104th birthday at hospital with staff and her son


A COVID-19 survivor celebrated her 104th birthday at the hospital with employees and her son.

Legula Estiloz lived during the Spanish flu of 1918 as a baby. Now, the 104-year-old was just discharged from the hospital after fighting COVID-19.

In a heartwarming video posted by Good Morning America, Estiloz is seen in her hospital bed as a staff member brings her over a birthday cake. Throughout the video, everyone is singing happy birthday to the 104-year-old. Staff members and her son thought it was a great idea to throw her a birthday celebration.

“Do you think I’ll reach 104 like you,” her son asked.

“Anything is possible,” Estiloz responded to her son’s question.

Estiloz, who survived the pandemic of 1918, was hospitalized at UPMC after testing positive for COVID-19.

Since the woman tested positive, the hospital staff hosted a party for her before she was discharged.

“It was a godsend to be able to be at her side and yeah, actually see the care that she was getting,” her son said.

The son also thanked all of the employees that were taking care of his mother. One nurse told Estiloz that she was the first person she took care of that turned 104-years-old.

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