Dad Builds Daughter Mini Starbucks and Target Stores to Play In Amid Pandemic


A California father recreated his daughter’s favorite stores so she could play at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

With stay-at-home orders in place, Diego Gonzalez’s two-year-old daughter, Mila,wasn’t able to partake in her usual family outings to Target and Starbucks with her parents.

"Every time we go to Target, she already knows it’s time for a cake pop, so she’ll drag us along and bring us to the Starbucks," Gonzalez told Inside Edition.

The father of two, who is a deputy in the Kern County Sheriff’s Department, came up with the craft project as a way to bond with his family amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

He and his wife got most of the supplies at their local Home Depot and began by building out a replica of one of Target’s registers. They spared no detail and even made little Mila a name tag.

“We tried to be as detailed as we could so she would really get into it,” Gonzalez told “Good Morning America.” “The name tag was so minor but it completed our play set and made the whole thing feel authentic.”

Afterwards, the doting parents, who also share a four-month-old baby girl, moved on to recreating a Starbucks barista stand and even got Mila to help out.

To make it even more legit, their local Starbucks donated two authentic green aprons.

Gonzalez added the finishing touches by designing replicas of the chain’s coffee cups, pastries and menu.

When the DIY project was finished, Mila’s reaction made it all worthwhile.

“Her face lit up when she came into the room,” Gonzalez said. “She was so excited to start playing with it. She has so much fun in there and it keeps her distracted from everything that's going on.”

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