Dad Transforms Home Into Giant Ball Pit to Entertain His Daughters During Quarantine


This family is definitely having a ball while hunkering down at home.

A father from the United Kingdom turned his house into a giant ball pit filled with 250,000 balls to keep his daughters entertained while social distancing, reported People.

Joel Conder, a 34-year-old vlogger, shared that he loves pranking and playing with his four daughters Kaci, 14, Grace, 12, Sophie, 8, and Chloe, 2, but the pandemic made it diffcult.

Due to his asthma and Sophie's weak immune system, the family made an important decision to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I have asthma and my daughter Sophie, she has special needs, and she has a very low immune system," Conder said.

"When we as a family started to isolate, we started to cut down on things we were doing — for example we wouldn’t take the kids to soft play or swimming lessons. So I thought, ‘oh my goodness, we can create our own soft play at our house, by turning it into a giant ball pit.'”

That is when the father-of-four arranged to get 250,000 balls delivered to transform the family's home into a giant ball pit.

Conder took special precautions to ensure the virus was not brought into the house and had the company bring brand new balls or ones that were properly disinfected.

It took around two hours to fill up the home with a quarter of a million balls that filled the rooms three feet deep with balls.

While the ball pit transformation completely surprised Conder's daughters and wife, Sarah, the entire family spent hours sliding down the stairs in suitcases into the balls.

Conder hopes people will be inspired to find ways to make the most of this challenging time.

"Let’s just remember that we probably will never get this chance again as families to all be at home together," said Conder.

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