Dad Uses Doorbell Camera to Talk to His Daughter at College Every Day


A father in Pennsylvania shared his heartwarming way of staying in touch with his daughter while she was away from home at school.

Colin Brand, a father of two, told "Good Morning America" that he used his home's Ring doorbell camera to communicate daily with his youngest daughter, Emily Brand, who just finished pharmacy school.

It all started last year when the family installed the doorbell camera at their home.

Emily downloaded the Ring app on her phone while she was away at school in Philadelphia and discovered that it allowed her to check in with her parents from afar.

"I started looking at it pretty much every day just because I wanted to see what was going on at home. I guess I was kind of nosey," Emily said.

After Colin found out that his daughter was monitoring his activity, he started sending her messages every time he passed through the door.

He said this was a good idea to make sure his daughter knew he was thinking about her.

"I could say things that were funny or just tell her to have a great day," Colin added.

Emily started saving all her dad's videos with hopes of sharing then on social media. Colin was initially against it.

"I thought nobody wants to see me talking into a doorbell and I looked at them as personal things where I could interact and connect with my daughter," Colin added.

After the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Colin decided to allow his daughter to post the videos thinking it could bring some joy to people's lives. Emily shared it on TikTok and it went on to garner over 840,000 likes.

The response completely blew them away.

"Honestly, it was kind of emotional to read all the comments that people were leaving," Emily said. "I was really happy that it was bringing people joy just like it brought me joy."

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