Dictionary.com adds saucy slang term to help you describe the attractive men in your life

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After years of “dad bod” and “dad joke” putdowns, it’s nice to see the pops get a more positive trending nickname to aspire to.

Ergo, “zaddy,” which Dictionary.com has just added to their latest revisions.

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Not sure what a "zaddy" is?

Well first, Dictionary.com clued us to a “snack” -- "a sexy and physically attractive person; hottie."

Following up on such recent saucy jargon, they’ve also added “zaddy” -- "an attractive man who is also stylish, charming, and self-confident."

Typically, the term applies to an older man, most famously like Christopher Meloni, star of “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” If they put pictures next to their definitions, Meloni would definitely be in the “zaddy” entry.

Among those who utter it, the term also implies the possible existence of children in said zaddy’s life. If you were able to keep your body in buff shape after raising a kid, you deserve a dictionary-approved nickname.

Dictionary.com is “not your daddy’s dictionary,” as it has been quicker to jump on zeitgeist changes in vocabulary and definition approval.

Such as last year, when, as Yahoo points out, they added in entries related to race, sexual orientation, and mental health concerns; and even added dirty colloquialisms that Merriam-Webster might wait a few years to delve into.

But it’s not all Instagram abbreviations and TikTok slang. New Dictionary.com updates also include entries for terms related to technology (5G, deplatforming), COVID-19 (long-hauler), and culture (DEI, cultural appropriation).

As John Kelly, managing editor of Dictionary.com explains, “The latest update to our dictionary continues to mirror the world around us. Our addition of long COVID, for instance, shows the long-lasting impact of the pandemic; our addition of DEI and minoritize reveals our ongoing grappling with racism and racial justice. 5G, content warning, domestic terrorism. It’s a complicated and challenging society we live in, and language changes to help us grapple with it."

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