School in District With Over 1,100 Quarantined Students Closed Due to COVID-19


A high school in Georgia has been closed by its district, where over 1,100 people are currently quarantined due to coronavirus.

The Cherokee County School District made the announcement on Tuesday, NBC News reports. The district did not require face masks when it resumed classes, just nine days ago.

"This decision was not made lightly," said Superintendent Brian Hightower in a statement regarding the suspension of in-person learning at Etowah High School.

According to a district list, 1,156 students and 37 staff members are currently in quarantine.

The superintendent said that the high school had 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 15 tests pending as of Tuesday morning.

He also said that 294 Etowah students are currently in quarantine, and the number would increase dramatically if more positive results come in.

The district has 59 confirmed cases total, according to Hightower.

While the school district did not require face masks at the beginning of the school year, Hightower did strongly recommend that pupils wear them to protect against COVID-19 and prevent the closure of more schools in his latest statement.

"As your Superintendent, I wear a mask whenever I cannot social distance," Hightower said. "We know all parents do not believe the scientific research that indicates masks are beneficial, but I believe it and see masks as an important measure to help us keep schools open."

Cherokee County School District currently has 42,000 enrolled students, with 30,000 of them currently receiving in-person instruction.

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