ER Doctor: If You're Socializing, You're Vulnerable to COVID-19


The COVID-19 virus has rapidly spread throughout the world, but it is not over yet.

Dr. Mario Ramirez, an emergency room physician in Nashville, Tennessee, joined Today to discuss the recent rises in coronavirus cases in most states in the country.

Ramirez said as people have seen several states see cases spike, people are realizing this is not just happening in one region, it is happening everywhere now.

“This disease can really spread anywhere, and if you’re out and you’re socializing, you’re vulnerable,” Ramirez said.

Much of the planet is at a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and with shuttered businesses, overwhelmed hospitals, and families mourning the loss of loved ones due to the coronavirus, the public patiently awaits for a vaccine that will allow society to return to normal.

Dr. Ramirez said that the country is making some progress with the vaccine trials.

He added that wearing face masks and social distancing is an important step in keeping case counts as low as possible until health officials can perfect a COVID-19 vaccine.

Florida surpassed its record for coronavirus cases over the holiday weekend. The state reported 11,458 new cases of COVID-19 on Independence Day. There were 18 new fatalities on that day.

The previous record high was Thursday when over 10,000 individuals tested positive for the respiratory illness.

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