Doctor Treating Coronavirus Patients Loses Home to Tornado


A doctor trying working tirelessly to save the lives of coronavirus patients just lost tragically lost his home in a natural disaster.

Dr. Jared Burks, a physician from Arkansas who was quarantined from his family, has reportedly lost his home after it was destroyed by a tornado that swept through the area over the weekend, the New York Post reports.

The tornado hit his home, where Dr. Burks decided to isolate himself from his wife and 1-year-old son Zeke. Dr. Burks has been working many hours as a resident physician at UAMC Northeast in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Last week, his wife Alyssa posted a heart-wrenching photo to Facebook of her husband, who was outside the home. The picture showed Burks on the opposite side of the glass door.

Alyssa said this was the first time her husband witnessed their son crawling. “As soon as he saw his dad he just raced to the door,” she said.

“He got up on the glass because I think he wanted him to hold him, so it was sad, it was cute, but it was really heartbreaking because it’s hard.”

The photo captured the attention of many which led people to share it over 74,000 times on Facebook.

This weekend was the first day Jared had off in over two weeks. He returned to his family home where his wife and son went to her mother’s house to isolate themselves.

Suddenly, a powerful twister touched down on the family’s town and destroyed their home while injuring over 20 people in the area.

His wife said that Jared was not injured and ran to their bedroom closet for safer.

Alyssa posted an update to Facebook that their house was gone.

"We are all safe. Our house is gone. Jared was inside, but he survived by the grace of God. Zeke and I were at my mom's house," she wrote.

“Please pray for us as we begin to pick up the pieces," the caption concluded.

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