Doctors Share Bikini Selfies After Study Criticizes ‘Inappropriate’ Attire


Doctors are now fighting back after a controversial study was released.

The New York Post reported that doctors are sharing bikini selfies online after a study claimed that medical professionals who post these kinds of pictures are “unprofessional.”

The Journal of Vascular Surgery published the study where it researched “publicly available social media content.” The study also found how it could affect potential patients’ physicians.

Researchers, who were mostly men, created undercover accounts to investigate the pictures posted online. There, they found photos that contained “inappropriate attire” and alcohol. The outfits consisted of bathing suits and costumes. Other posts included controversial opinions and censored profanity.

Doctors across the country were quick to comment on the controversial study. Both women and men said it was troubling and sexist.

The Post reached out to the researchers, but haven't heard back yet.

“If you are a true #heforshe, then you must speak up against this disturbing study,” Dr. Mudit Chowdhary tweeted. “Worse, they are shaming our women physician colleagues for wearing bikinis."

Female doctors began using the hashtag #MedBikini, where they posted photos of themselves in their swimsuits, some with alcohol in their hands.

Doctors said it was not right for the researchers to determine whether their colleagues were being professional or not.

Seattle-based surgeon Lauren Agoubi shared a picture of herself wearing a colorful one-piece swimsuit and drinking a beer

She captioned the photo, “#MedBikini bc I’m in a hospital at 4 am, and if you don’t think 12 mi hikes, beers, and bikinis don’t make me a better doctor you’re nuts.”

Many Twitter users and professionals are calling for the study to be retracted.

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