Dog Hilariously Rings Doorbell After Getting Locked Outside

Dog Hilariously Rings Doorbell
Photo credit (Getty Images)

Woof woof! Let me in!

A hilarious video surfaced the internet when a dog frantically rang the doorbell after being left outside.

In the surveillance video, a Labrador mix, Chika, was accidentally left outside when her owners went to bed. According to the New York Post, after the dog patiently waited for her owners Robert and Angelina Fox, the dog quickly jumped up and rang the doorbell.

The couple didn’t hear the bell, but eventually realized the pup was outside and let her back inside.

One of the owners, Rox Fox posted the video to his Facebook and explained the situation.

"First, her being outside was an oversight,” Fox said. "Lots of chaos going on at the time and she ran out while putting up chickens without us knowing. She sometimes sleeps with Gavin and sometimes with us. So, Gavin thought she was with us and we thought she was with him,” he continued.

Fox wanted the public to know that his dog was not wearing a shock collar, it was a collar for the wireless and underground fence.

He wanted to stress to people that she was not freezing and it was 66 degrees the night she was left out.

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