A dozen school children were accidentally served floor sealant instead of milk

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While eating breakfast at a summer childcare program on Tuesday in Alaska, some of the young school children began to say the milk that was served tasted funky and it was burning their throats and mouths.

Staff members checked out the milk cartons and realized that it wasn't actually milk the children were drinking.

Twelve school children accidentally drank floor sealant that they thought was milk at a summer care program in Juneau, Alaska on Tuesday, the school district announced in a statement.

The incident took place at the Sitʼ Eeti Shaanáx̱-Glacier Valley Elementary School when NANA Management Services (NMS), a food service company, served breakfast on trays at around 8:45 a.m.

"Shortly after breakfast was served students complained of the milk tasting bad and burning their mouth/throat," the school district said in a statement. "Juneau School District (JSD) RALLY and NMS staff immediately followed up by smelling/tasting the milk and looking at the container/label.

"It was found that the 'milk' served was actually a floor sealant resembling liquid milk. Staff immediately directed students to stop consuming the substance and removed it."

The Juneau School District said that the RALLY site manager called poison control and followed all of the instructions that were provided. RALLY has a partnership with the school district to provide "state licensed child care for elementary students ages five through twelve," according to the school district's website.

Of the the twelve school children that accidentally drank floor sealant instead of milk, one received medical treatment at a local hospital and two others were picked up from summer care program and "may have gone to seek medical advice," the school district said.

The young students that sought out medical attention and the other nine students' conditions were not mentioned in the statement.

Program supervisors made sure that the floor sealant containers that were served got thrown out and the remaining products were taken to a chemical/hazardous storage. Additionally, the school district food service supervisor went to the storage unit that's off-site and made sure that the products were removed from there as well.

"The investigation is continuing assisted by JSD, City and Borough of Juneau, NMS and Juneau Police Department," the school district said.

"We are supporting the full investigation, looking at every contributing factor to determine exactly what happened. This process is key to identifying potential safety measures and putting those safety measures to work," a separate statement said, according to CNN.

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