Dr. Chris Donaghue Hosts 'I'm Listening: Stay Connected'

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, community members are asked to stay home, social distancing in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. It's times like these when many struggle with their mental health, whether it involve anxiety around the current news landscape or struggles with maintaining social distance.

Due to current events, it’s imperative now more than ever, that we focus on our mental health with both self and community care.

In collaboration with RADIO.COM's I'm Listening initiative, licensed therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue will be available to answer your questions surrounding mental health in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. He will be providing resources and tips to keep overwhelm at bay. The broadcast is titled "I'm Listening: Stay Connected."

He will be joined by other professionals in the mental health field. You are encouraged to submit your questions for Dr. Donaghue and his guests via Twitter using #ImListening.

"I'm Listening: Stay Connected" will be broadcast at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET on RADIO.COM, Twitter, and Facebook Live, Monday through Friday for half an hour.

Dr. Chris Donaghue is an international lecturer, therapist, and educator and the host of nightly radio show "LoveLine." Dr. Donaghue has been featured on The Today Show, VICE, New York Times, National Geographic, and many others.

Dr. Donaghue has lectured at universities like USC, UCLA, and Princeton. He was the keynote speaker at various conferences including Chicago Ideas Week.

Share your stories with us below, and tune in to the daily broadcast for an extra resource during these potentially overwhelming times.