Dr. Fauci estimates when we will see 'some degree of normality'

With the coronavirus pandemic going on its 8th month, many are wondering when the world may return to the idea of normal we knew before the virus hit. Dr. Anthony Fauci is predicting when that might be possible.

"The enemy is the virus," Dr. Fauci said during a fireside chat at UC Berkeley in California. "Science knows no political party."

Fauci then went on to say that a return to normal probably isn't in the cards until later in 2021 in a series of answers to questions posed by students and faculty of UC Berkeley.

When asked when and how there will be a return to normal, Fauci responded, "Will people have to wear masks? Yes, likely. I would imagine if we get a good vaccine now, that we could have some degree of normality in the third to fourth quarter 2021."

In terms of the interim, there are things Fauci recommends we continue to do to keep the spread of the virus at a minimum.

"Right now, the five public health issues that we repeat over and over again, that would really prevent the surges that we're seeing, are universal wearing of a mask, keep physical distance at least six feet, avoid crowds and congregate settings, do things outdoors much more preferentially than indoors, and wash your hands as frequently as you can," he said.

He continued, "Those are the things that we know now work."

In an additional question, Fauci was asked what colleges can do to keep their students safe. Fauci responded outlining the need for testing of students before their arrival on campus as well as the need for the ability to isolate students who later contract the virus.

Previously, Fauci had outlined that the "worst thing" colleges could do when faced with a positive coronavirus case is send the student home to possibly infect their families.

As an alternative, Fauci believes in safe isolation methods to keep the virus from spreading on campus.

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