‘Easter Trees’ Bring Joy to Many Homes Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


If you're the kind of person who hates taking down their Christmas tree, you may want to take part in a new fad flooding the 'gram.

People all across Instagram are posting pictures of their Easter trees. The hashtag #eastertree has more than 500 posts, reported Good Morning America.

Sam Riccioli, an interior designer from Pennsylvania, thinks these trees will bring joy to people throughout spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The Christmas tree brings so much happiness to me, my husband and children that I decided to keep it up all year round and decorate it for every holiday," she said.

She mentioned how she loves to create things that make people happy when bad things are happening in the world.

Riccioli decorated her tree for the upcoming holiday. She posted it to her Instagram page because she wanted to make people smile. While decorating this tree, she wanted some normalcy in her house during this crucial time.

The tree consisted of bright colors that included bunnies, eggs, and flowers.

All across the platform, many debuted their big spring-like trees to bring joy into their homes. Corina Wolfe posted her masterpiece, where she added carrots and decorations around the whole tree.

She captioned her post, “Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and please stay safe💕🐰💕”

Alan and Tracy Mentzer from Colorado Springs, Colorado said once their children left for college, they started decorating trees for all of the holidays. Every holiday, the family gets into the spirit by decorating several trees in their homes.

"The last thing my youngest daughter, Dallas Bible, and I did before she joined the Army was to decorate two trees for the living room," Tracy Mentzer said.

She said when her family moved back to the United States, they made sure they kept the tradition alive. Tracy shared they found a slender tree that sits by the corner near the fireplace.