Mom’s Viral Germ-Repelling Experiment Teaches Kids Importance of Hand Washing


We should have always been washing our hands frequently but with the scare of the coronavirus, its top of mind now more than ever. But getting children to understand why it's so important can be tough.

In the video below, a teacher thought of a great experiment for young children that shows what happens to "the virus" with soap on your hands.

The experiment uses a paper plate, some water, pepper and liquid soap. All you have to do is put a little water onto a paper plate, add pepper, and place your finger in the water.

In the video, the pepper represents "the virus" and the water represents anything you touch. When you remove your finger from the water, the pepper (the virus) sticks to your finger. But if you dip your finger in liquid soap, and then place it in the water, "the virus" "runs" from your finger.

It's a pretty straight forward message: WASH YOUR HANDS with soap, of course.

Now that we've learned why it's important, how do we make sure that it's done frequently? Mrs Shauna Wood's has a great idea from her third grade class in Hallsville, Missouri.

She stamped each kid's had with a rubber stamp that simply says "Mrs Woods."

At the end of the day, if the stamp is gone, the child gets a prize.

“Providing a visual reminder and incentive has boosted their hygiene regimen,” she explained.  She calls the trick "a great motivator and an easy way to make hand washing second-nature to her students at an early age." She adds, “I even joined in on the fun and put a stamp on my hand to be their positive role model.”

The CDC says that we should wash our hands often with soap and clean running water for a duration of 20 seconds each time.

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