Will lines be long at the polls? What to expect on Election Day 2020


Election Day 2020 is almost here.

This year, the presidential race has looked more different than ever, with many states expanding voting options for residents amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While early and mail-in voting records have been surpassed so far this year, Americans who have not yet voted may be wondering how busy the polls may be on Nov. 3.

Here’s some information about what to expect at the polls on Election Day

Record turnout has been reported during this election cycle, with over 94 million votes already cast, or more than two-thirds of 136.5 million ballots tallied in the 2016 election.

Some officials are hopeful that this early voter turnout will lead to smoother operations on Election Day.

"We don't anticipate significant long lines," Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said of projected Election Day turnout at a news conference last week, per CNN. "Because two thirds of our citizens will likely vote absentee or prior to Election Day, we will see a third of our citizens, probably about 2 million, vote in person on Election Day."

However, this is not necessarily the case across the board. In some parts of the country, significant lines and high numbers of voters are still expected.

Gary Sims, director for elections in North Carolina's Wake County, anticipates formidable turnout on Election Day.

"Everyone spreading out when they vote has been key to safely voting during this pandemic," Sims told CNN. "We do still expect steady turnout on Election Day."

A big concern stressed by experts for in-person voting on the day of the election is the need to social distance at the polls.

Due to COVID-19 mitigation measures, most states are strongly encouraging voters to wear face masks to their polling places and requiring poll workers to wear them, reports CNN. Voters who refuse to wear face masks may be asked to fill out their ballots outdoors or in an isolated area way from other voters.

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