The Best And Worst Items to Grab on Amazon Prime Day

Prepare for the July 15 sale
Amazon Prime truck delivery for Prime Day
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By Kelly Meyers

Are you ready to get your shop on for Amazon's 5th annual Prime Day? It's coming up on July 15th, so just two weeks away.

As the day gets closer, more and more experts are giving consumers some great tips on the items that you should definitely buy if you have a chance because the prices will be unbeatable. But not everything is going to be worth purchasing during the annual sale. Prime Day is bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday when it comes to the amount of money consumer's spend.

Just be sure and spend smart and you will win this Prime Day.

Here are the best items to buy on Prime Day this year:

1. Bedding
2. Small tech and headphones
3. Amazon Echo Devices and Fire Tablets
4. Small appliances and robot vacs
5. Household Essentials
6. Smartphone accessories
7. Digital downloads and multimedia
8. TVs and large tech

On the other hand, you definitely should hold off on buying these items because there are other times of the year or places you can find much better deals.

Worst Items to buy on Prime Day:

1. Grills
You will find more aggressive deals around July 4 and Labor Day.

2. Large appliances
Home Depot and Lowe's have better deals now and Labor Day.

3. Toys
These deals are always at their lowest prices in the days before Christmas.

4. Apple products
With a few exceptions like this Beats by Dre sale, Apple deals are better in November from Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

5. Back-to-school supplies
These deals are at lower prices toward the end of July and you will save about 10% more if you can wait.

You don't have to wait two weeks to get the deals because some are being offered right now.