Every person in a maskless exercise class tests positive for COVID-19


New research provided by the CDC shows how easily COVID-19 spreads in indoor gyms and maskless exercise classes, even if people receive temperature checks and stand six feet apart.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted two studies which analyzed indoor fitness facilities in Honolulu and Chicago during the summer of 2020, Self reported.

A Hawaii Department of Health investigation found every participant in one cycling class contracted coronavirus. Contract tracers were able to link 21 cases of the coronavirus to two fitness instructors who taught several classes between June and July 2020, the report stated.

In one cycling class, all ten participants tested positive after the instructor was diagnosed with the novel virus, noted CNN.

The gym did not require any masks while working out at the indoor facillity, but did station all of the bikes stationed at least six feet apart. Windows and doors were closed during the classes, according to the CDC study.

Similarly, the CDC found a Chicago gym operating at 25% capacity during the last week of August 2020 responsible for 55 positive cases of COVID-19, all from people who attended a high-intensity indoor class that week.

The Chicago gym participants brought their own masks and weights, underwent symptom screening and temperature checks on arrival and maintained six feet of distance, but were not required to wear masks while working out.

“This outbreak reinforces the need for combined COVID-19 prevention strategies, including universal mask use in public settings when persons are with others who do not live in the same household” the CDC stated in the report, adding, “Infrequent mask use when participating in indoor exercise classes likely contributed to transmission.”

People have been encouraged to work out at home or outside by yourself or with other members of your household.

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