Is it safe to travel again? Expert says there are risks, but it can be done

By , WCBS 880

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Many Americans are eager to travel again with vaccinations numbers continuously increasing, but is it safe?

Dr. Theresa Fiorito, of NYU Langone-Long Island, says traveling is still risky, especially if you’ve only had one dose of the vaccine – or are not vaccinated at all.

“Travel does pose a risk and if you are not vaccinated those risks are higher,” she explained.

Her advice to people looking to plan a getaway right now? Get vaccinated and do your research.

“Check out what variants are prevalent where you're traveling, cross reference with the vaccine you received. You can also track what percentage of the local population is vaccinated and your destination of travel,” she said.

Dr. Fiorito notes that the vaccine should help protect against catching COVID-19, but it is important to know what type of variants you may encounter while traveling.

“I have a patient coming later this week going to South Africa, 0.9% of people are vaccinated there – and certainly there's a lot of variability with that around the world,” she explained.

Some people also might be worried about staying in an unfamiliar space, where COVID-19 guidelines might be different than what they are used to.

But, Dr. Fiorito says practicing the guidance you’ve already come to know should help to keep you safe.

“As long as you abide by hand hygiene, crowd avoidance, etcetera, you're likely to be safe wherever you stay,” she said.

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