Exxon Customers Can Soon Use Alexa to Pay for Gas from the Car

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"Alexa, pay for my gas."

If you have Amazon's Alexa, you probably know you can already turn on and off the lights at home, buy movie tickets and find cool restaurant recommendations.

Now, drivers will soon be able to use Alexa to pay for gas while sitting in their vehicle.

Alexa will now pay for your gas at over 11,500 ExxonMobil stations.
Alexa will now pay for your gas at over 11,500 ExxonMobil stations. Photo credit (Getty Images)

CNN Business reported that ExxonMobil and Amazon will allow voice-activated gas purchases in vehicles with Alexa built-in devices.

The platform that is powered from technology from Fiserv is expected to launch in April. Once launched, more than 11,500 Exxon and Mobil gas stations in the United States will be able to access the feature.

Executives from ExxonMobil said the company believes that this is the "first voice-activated fuel purchase partnership in the industry."

"No different than how you can have groceries delivered to you, why shouldn't we innovate how you pay for fuel?" Devin Miller, consumer marketing manager at ExxonMobil said.

Alexa can be found in dozens of new vehicles including Lexus, Audi and Toyota.

If customers decide to use this feature, they will be asked to confirm the station location and pump number. The transaction will be processed using Amazon Pay with information stored from the user's Amazon account.

"Paying for fuel from the comfort of your car is an innovative way to really wow consumers," Miller said.

The company also said this is a way to boost security in a "vulnerable" place for consumers.

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