Families Playing Toilet Paper Dodgeball to Get Through Coronavirus


If, like many Americans, you’ve spent the past few weeks cooped up at home with your family, cabin fever has probably set in.

You’ve watched all the shows you wanted to watch on Netflix, you deep cleaned the entire house, and you’ve done at-home workouts until your muscles ached. But how else can you keep yourself, and the rest of the family, entertained when you’re looking at several more weeks of stay-at-home orders in your community?

For the Presley family in Cornelius, North Carolina, that question kicked off the start of the “Quarantine Olympics” and spawned the invention of a new game: blindfolded toilet paper dodgeball.

For the uninitiated, the game is exactly how it sounds, with players blindfolding their eyes by wearing sweatshirts backwards and covering their faces with the hoods. Players then throw rolls of toilet paper around the room in an attempt to strike others with the soft projectiles, with the last man standing declared the winner.

After Alex Presley, 25, posted videos of the activities on TikTok, the Quarantine Olympics took off across social media with other families joining in and playing their own versions of the games.

“We try to keep them simple and something that other families that are watching can play along as well,” Alex told The Washington Post. “A lot of people are in our similar situation, where they’re all together with their families and they’re running out of things to do.”

Other Presley family competitions include seeing who can drink water for the longest amount of time (with a catch: they have to drink through a straw while the cup is being continuously filled), and who can best gauge a six-foot social distance.

“We played through all the board games and everything, so we had to get creative,” said Presley.

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