Families Raise Money for School Janitors Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


While schools across the country remain closed, custodial staff still have to go in to make sure that everything is clean.

Janitors have been deep cleaning to help stop the spread of COVID-19, reported Good Morning America.

Parents have been appreciative of them and have raised thousands to pay for employees' overtime.

"They really appreciate it and not for a second thought they weren't deserving of it," Brooke Thomas of Williston, Vermont said.

Thomas has four kids, and their school shut down last week after one employee was potentially exposed to the virus.

Out of an abundance of caution, janitors at Allen Brook School and Williston Central did a two-day cleaning.

Thomas said she understands that these janitors are in a potentially contaminated area while they are making sure everyone else is safe.

"I said, 'Let's be mindful of other people going right into the front lines,' and that just sparked a positive conversation. Everyone immediately wanted to help," she said.

Thomas put together a fundraiser where she hoped to raise just $200. Instead, the fundraiser was a wild success, and she raised $7,450. The amount was split between eight custodians.

Lyall Smith, head of the cleaning staff, said that his team is extremely thankful for the generosity.

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