Family Runs Out of Gas While Fleeing Wildfires


An Oregon family had to make an harrowing escape after their vehicle ran out of gas while fleeing from a wildfire.

Allison Hargett was on a camping trip at Detroit Lake State Park with her husband, six-year-old daughter and two friends, when they were told to evacuate at 1am on Tuesday because of the Beachie Creek Fire.

She and her husband loaded up their belongings into their car, which was also towing their boat, and fled the area. As they followed behind their friend’s vehicle, the Hargett’s car ran out of gas.

"(Our friends) were in front of us and saw that we pulled over and turned around, tossed their stuff in the back seat and told us to get in and let's go," Allison told CNN.

"We completely ran out of gas and would've been stranded," she added. "They saved us."

While making their way through the fire, Allison recorded a video showing ignited tall trees and flames burning on either side of the road.

Both families made it back home safely, but the Hargetts are unsure of the status of their vehicle and boat, which they left in a store parking lot.

"We are also devastated to lose our vehicle and boat ... but we are OK at least,” Allison told the outlet.

The Beachie Creek Fire began on August 16th and has burned over 130,000 acres across Oregon.

According to the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, there are at least 35 active fires and more than 368,029 acres burning in the state, reported ABC News.

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