Flights Have Been Packed Amid Coronavirus: Is Flying Safe?


The coronavirus pandemic has put a dent in travel plans for many, yet people are still finding themselves on packed flights when embarking on necessary travel. Is flying even safe right now?

Just last week, a doctor traveling back home after helping out on the frontlines in New York City posted a photo of his United Airlines flight, packed with other passengers. That said, airlines have indicated that they would only fill flights to half capacity.

The reason for these jammed flights seems to stem from the lack of options when it comes to air travel. With many airlines cutting back on the number of flights they send airborne, passengers are forced to cram into the few that remain, the New York Post reports.

On top of that, there are still more confident individuals who are choosing to take advantage of slashed flight prices.

Robert Mann of R.W. Mann & Company, a leading airline industry based in Port Washington, said, "The videos that go viral are those cases of adventurous folks who bought a $49 fare expecting to be on an empty plane."

So is flying even safe right now?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has indicated that viruses and germs don't actually spread as easily on flights because of the way the air is filtered.

"However, there may be a risk fo getting COVID-19 on crowded flights if there are other travelers on board with COVID-19," they said. Much of the risk comes from the close proximity to others on a plane.

"There's no space on a plane where you have six feet around you between you and another person," said Anthony Santella, associate professor of public health at Hofstra University. "There's no way to escape and maintain physical distancing on a plane."

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