Florida Sets Record With 15,299 New Coronavirus Cases in One Day

After shattering the record for most coronavirus cases in a single day last week, Florida has now beaten out their previous record.

On July 4, the Florida Department of Health reported 11,458 new cases of coronavirus. Now, the state health department is reporting 15,299 new cases of the virus since yesterday, when 10,360 new cases were reported.

These new numbers bring the state total to 269,811 positive cases of coronavirus and 4,242 deaths. These numbers reflect positive cases in a total number of 2,574,007 people tested.

During a news conference Saturday, Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about the options for those in long term care facilities.

"We now established 13 COVID dedicated nursing facilities in the state of Florida. These are nursing home facilities where all the patients are COVID positive. This way, they're able to be isolated," DeSantis explained.

He continued, "We have some nursing facilities in Florida that are phenomenal that could isolate no problem."

Previously, Governor DeSantis has also claimed that much of the uptick in coronavirus cases can be routed back to a younger age group. "If you look at that 25 to 34 age group, that is now by far the leading age group for positive tests," he said.

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