Postmates and Instacart Offering No-Contact Deliveries Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


As the spread of coronavirus continues across the United States, food delivery companies are ramping up efforts to keep customers safe.

With more and more people practicing social distancing, services like Postmates and Instacart are giving customers the option to have “no-contact” with their delivery persons.

The Postmate app now offers options as to how you can have your order delivered without having to interact with another human.

"Customers can choose to meet their Postmate at the door, as they have before, meet curbside, or go non-contact and have deliveries left at the door," the company said on its website. "To use this new feature, order as normal and then you’ll be prompted to select your delivery preference before checking out."

Once left at your door, customers can wait for the Postmate employee to leave before retrieving their food order.

For the last several months and prior to the onset of coronavirus, Instacart had been testing out their new “Leave at My Door Delivery” option with select customers across North America. But due to the increase desire for the service in the last several weeks, the company has now rolled it out to its entire customer base.

“Customers can now opt-in to “Leave at My Door Delivery” as part of their delivery options at checkout, and can also provide more specific delivery instructions like a gate code or apartment number,” Instacart said on its website. “ A real-time photo will alert customers when their groceries are at their doorstep.

While Grubhub hasn’t gone so far as to make it an option on their app or website, the company said customers can indicate if they want their order delivered with any special instructions.

"We’ve provided drivers and restaurants with the CDC’s recommendations that focus on good hygiene and using all appropriate precautions when interacting with others," the company said in statement to “Today.

"For increased diner and driver safety, diners can also request their food to be dropped off — instead of delivered by a direct handoff — by using the ordering Instructions box in the checkout section of our platform."

Finally, DoorDash is currently testing features to offer “contactless delivery,” but said customers can use the app’s "delivery instruction" feature to tell drivers to leave to leave their order, reported

The rise in popularity of no-contact deliveries comes as the CDC has said person-to-person transmission of the coronavirus may take place within 6 feet of an infected person who coughs or sneezes.

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