Food writer opens porch restaurant for chipmunk: ‘It’s brought joy’


Angela Hansberger, an Atlanta-based food writer, knows how difficult it is for restaurants and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The journalist said that while some restaurants still remain closed in Georgia, she hasn’t been able to write about them.

“I was facing a lot of anxiety. I kind of hid it,” Hansberger said. “Gosh, I’m crying. I was really sad for all the people in the industry that I worked with.”

CBS News reported that the foodie wanted to do something to get her mind off of the global outbreak. Hansberger got creative, using ingredients from her garden and knowledge of fine dining.

She opened her own restaurant on her front porch, where she now serves a chipmunk. The little critter has had a standing lunch reservation for months now.
Whether it’s a side salad or pizza, Hansberger makes sure she gets creative when it comes to her clientele.

Whether or not people think this is nuts, the writer says she enjoys doing it. On the menu, she said one night she cooked mini spaghetti with date meatballs and a thimble full of almond flour breadsticks.

The chipmunk, who she named Thelonious Munk, arrives mostly every day and packs the rest to go.

When asked why she does this, she responded, “It’s brought joy. I have more videos of this chipmunk than I have of my children. It’s bad.”

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