How to win a free round-trip flight to Hawaii to work remotely for 30 days

Officials are offering a free round-trip flight to paradise, if telecommuters are willing to live and work from Hawaii for a month.

"Movers & Shakas is a grassroots initiative to recruit and nurture talented professionals to diversify our island economy," the program's website explains. "We aim to re-build resilience into our local community."

Application are being accepted now for the first 50 employed people to move to Hawaii for at least 30 days and contribute to the community at a time COVID has killed the tourism economy.

"Handpicked individuals will earn a free flight to Hawaiʻi and perks, and will also give back to our islands through community-building activities."

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Officials say with so many people now working from home, why not make your home in paradise?

They have put together a package of travel and lodging benefits to ease the transition.

Hawaii has among the lowest COVID rates in the nation.

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