Woman's 'Genius' Peanut Butter Hack Allows Her to Painlessly Cut Dog's Nails


If you’ve ever tried to trim a dog’s nails, you know that nine times out of ten, it’s an impossible feat.

Dogs do not like getting their nails cut. Unless you give them an incentive, they view it as torture.

Lindsey Shelton, a foster dog mom, figured out a hack that allows for a painless grooming experience for both humans and pups.

According to Insider, the 27-year-old has been fostering for around six years and worked as a vet tech early in her career. Shelton and her husband are also dog parents to two dogs, Murphy and Schmidt.

While she learned many grooming tricks while on the job, Shelton never found a good method for cutting a dog’s nails until now.

She shared her trick on social media and has since gone viral.

"When I was a vet tech, we used peanut butter and spray cheese on the floor" she said while explaining the distraction technique. "But I've tried that on the floor with my dogs and they see me picking up their paws, so it didn't work."

During the quarantine, Shelton had the idea to put peanut butter on her forehead so the dogs wouldn’t see her take out the nail clippers.

To keep things from getting too messy, Shelton wrapped her head with plastic wrap and smeared peanut butter on top.

When her husband saw the concoction, he was skeptical about the approach. Although he called her a “dork,” she assured him that in a few moments she was going to “look like a genius.”

And sure enough, once the dog realized there was peanut butter available, he didn't care about what was happening to his paws.

"I was surprised how well it worked because he let me get all