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From remembering to grab your face mask before leaving home to setting your home's thermostat to reach the perfect temperature just in time for your return, there are lots of things we worry about today that literally didn't even exist 20 or even 10 years ago. In fact, things like charging your watch before you head out to work sound nothing short of crazy future talk.

With today's technology, "the future" is officially here, and with that comes a whole list of tasks to worry about, including ensuring your Apple Watch doesn't lose its charge while you're out and about. But unless you want to worry about searching for an outlet at the most inconvenient of times, this wireless Apple Watch charger gives you some serious peace of mind — and it fits right on your keychain.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, this wireless charger is a far cry from the long tangled cords you carry around to charge your other devices. The gizmo is designed specifically for those on the go, and it requires nothing more than for you to place the Apple Watch on the black magnetic charger and go about your day. You can even charge it while it's charging your Apple Watch.

The charger's built-in 950mAh battery can charge any of the gadgets in the iWatch series and can be latched onto your backpack, keychain, or popped into your gym bag. And thanks to its four LED lights, you'll know your watch's charging status at a quick glance.

From its compact size to its efficient charging capabilities, the Apple Watch Wireless Charger keychain is changing the way people gas up their favorite gadget on the go, earning it countless rave reviews online. Whether you're simply running errands or are traveling on vacation, this charger never fails to make life just a little easier.

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