Get the most out of your new smart speaker over the holidays

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Let us help you set up that new speaker you may have received over the holidays.

RADIO.COM makes it easy for you to listen to your favorite stations on a variety of devices so you can listen where and how you want. The holidays are a busy time of year, and your smart speaker can help keep you connected to all the music, news, and sports at your command.

Whether you purchased an Amazon Echo, a Google Home and Nest Audio, Sonos, or Apple HomePod, we've got some tips on how to make the most of your purchase.

Fill your home with holiday music

You can listen to Christmas tunes by your favorite pop artist by saying, "Alexa, play 'Pop Goes Christmas' on RADIO.COM" or "Hey Google, play 'Pop Goes Christmas' on RADIO.COM."

Or, if you prefer to just tune into your favorite station that's playing holiday classics, try, "Alexa, play 'B101 Philly'" or "Hey Google, play 'B101 Philly.'" You can try the same utterances with Magic 106.7.

Here's a list of all the stations playing holiday music.

Set an alarm so you can wake up to your favorite stations using your Amazon Echo, Google Home and Nest Audio

Now, football fans can be Monday morning quarterbacks with these quick tips. The reigning Super Bowl champs and Patrick Mahomes continue their winning ways.

To set your alarm to 610 SportsRadio (Kansas City) for the latest Chiefs news, try, "Alexa, set an alarm to play 610 Sports Radio Kansas City at 8 am" or "Hey Google, set an alarm to play 610 Sports Radio Kansas City at 8 am."

For the latest news on AFC East champions, the Buffalo Bills, try "Alexa, set an alarm to play WGR 550 at 9 am" or "Hey Google, set an alarm to play WGR 550 at 9 am."

It's time to start thinking about the NBA. For the latest on Steph Curry and the Warriors, try "Alexa, set an alarm to play 95.7 The Game at 7 am" or "Hey Google, set an alarm to play 95.7 The Game at 7 am."

Here's a list of more sports stations so you can follow your favorite teams.

For the latest news in the country, especially how you and your family can stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic, tune into your favorite stations:

For Chicago coverage, try "Alexa, play WBBM Newsradio" or "Hey Google, play WBBM Newsradio."

For New York coverage, try "Alexa, play 1010 WINS" or "Hey Google, play 1010 WINS."

For Los Angeles coverage, try "Alexa, play KNX 1070" or "Hey Google, play KNX 1070."

For San Francisco coverage, try "Alexa, play KCBS Radio" or "Hey Google, play KCBS Radio."

Here's a list to help you find a news station near you.

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