Dad gets a viral makeover from daughter, and other 'girl dads' are joining in on the trend


One viral man on Twitter is getting “girl dad” of the year.

Brad Cubbie from Dayton, Ohio, is quickly gaining attention on Twitter after posting photo of himself after his daughter gave him an unexpected makeover.

Cubbie's daughters, Braleigh, 6, and Khloe, 10, recieved a brand new make up set from Christmas. They tested out their new products by using a rosy pink blush on their dad’s cheeks, nose, and forehead, and paired it with a bright blue eyeshadow. The girls completed the look with dark pink lip gloss.

"I'd tell them, 'You don't need makeup. You're so pretty without it.' -- just being a dad," Cubbie told Good Morning America. "And their mom, said, 'It's just for fun.'"