'Everybody is a witch': Good Witch Lauren Maul talks sequins, spells and what being a witch is all about


We’ve seen witches depicted in a variety of forms on mainstream media, but have you ever met one in real life?

In preparation for Halloween, RADIO.COM sat down with Lauren Maul, a self-proclaimed “good witch” responsible for magic in Brooklyn.

For Maul, being a witch is something that's accessible to everyone.

"Everybody is a witch," she said. "I define witch as someone who's powerful, knows that they're powerful, and taps into that power."

Maul says her inclination towards the coven can be traced back to her childhood.

“I’ve been a witch ever since I was a little weirdo growing up in Nebraska,” she said, explaining that her infatuation with magic started while she was attending Catholic school and collecting rocks and sticks and drawing symbols in the dirt with friends during recess.