Grandfather Meets Newborn Grandson Through a Window in Heartbreaking Photo


A father had a difficult choice to make when his son was born.

When his son was born during the coronavirus pandemic in Ireland, he introduced to his son to his grandfather through a window, reported Today.

Emma Gallachoir, the new father’s sister, posted the heartbreaking photo on Twitter. In the picture, you can see the grandfather looking into the window, seeing his grandson Faolán for the first time.

The photo on Twitter was retweeted more than 75,000 times.

“Three generations of social distancing as my dad meets his grandson for the first time,” Emma Gallachoir captioned the photo.

The family lives right outside of Dublin, Ireland and his wife went into labor on March 13. Their bundle of joy was born on March 14. This was when health officials all over the country urged social distancing throughout Ireland.

“Our district nurse would come on to sterilize all our clothes that we wore to the hospital,” Gallachoir said.

After he and his wife left the hospital, they were told not to visit nor see anyone. Gallachoir’s father lives near the family so he decided to visit their house and see his grandson through the window.

Emma Gallachoir tweeted another update and said her nephew is doing great and is “oblivious to his new fame.”

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