Gym Reveals Individual Workout ‘Pods’ for People to Exercise Safely Without Face Masks


Would you work out in a pod at the gym to keep safe?

As many gyms prepare to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, a California gym has a unique way to keep fitness lovers safe while working out.

Today reported that Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach, California, created individual exercise pods, allowing customers to workout separately in their area.

Peet Sapsin, the owner of the gym, said his company created the pods to save money instead of installing plexiglass dividers. His employees built the actual pods with shower curtains and pipes.

"When we built the dividers, we were like, Okay, what can we do so that our clients don't have to wear a mask?" Sapsin said.

Sapsin shared that the pods have been "well-received" with customers being "super excited."

To follow best practices for his business reopening during the COVID-19 outbreak, Sapsin said he has limited capacity and uses open doors to circulate air.

"If you stand in the middle of the pods, you're at least 10 feet apart," Sapsin said. "We turn off the AC the entire time and open up all our doors and have fans that push the air out."

He said that his gym usually has 30 people working out a day, but now due to COVID-19, nine people will be in each gym class.

Sapsin said if customers are still concerned about attending classes, they can stay at home and follow workouts online. The owner said he plans to keep streaming classes online until there is a coronavirus vaccination.

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