Hallmark Is Giving Away 1 Million Cards So You Can Send Notes Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


As millions of Americans continue to stay home, Hallmark is hoping to connect others through card writing.

Hallmark announced that it will donate one million cards to people around the country.

Lindsey Roy, the CMO of Hallmark, said it is essential to stay close to our loved ones even when we cannot physically be with them during the COVID-19 outbreak. She mentioned how loved ones are isolated at home or at nursing homes. Roy also gave an example of how children are missing their teachers, and teachers are missing their students.

“Together, we can show the people who need it most that we are constantly thinking about them and loving them,” Roy said. “Right now, we can send them a paper hug and wrap them with caring words and encouragement.”

To participate, anyone who lives in the United States can visit Hallmark’s “Care Enough” website. When you visit the site, you can sign up for a pack of three cards for free. All you have to do is enter your name and address.

Participants will then get three different cards that they can send to their loved ones.

One of the cards features the message, “I believe in you and unicorns,” along with a colorful drawing of one of the mystical creatures. Another one shows two hands with the words, “Here for you, here for everything.” The other includes the word "love" in gold letters with the message, “There’s a surprising amount of love in this folded piece of paper.”

Hallmark mentioned that people can send sweet messages to employees at local hospitals or nursing homes where residents cannot see their family members.

“Tell them they’re not alone,” Roy said. “Show them they’re loved. Send warm words of encouragement. It may seem like a small act, but your kindness could mean the world to the ones who need it most.”

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