Harvard Will Hold All Classes Remotely for 2020-21 School Year With No Change in Tuition


Students at Harvard University will be feeling the effects of coronavirus going into the fall semester.

As education systems nationwide decide how to proceed with the upcoming academic year, the Ivy League school announced that all of its classes would be conducted remotely.

More so, only first-year undergraduate students -- about 40% -- would be allowed on campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"Choosing which students would be invited to campus was not easy, and we have enormous sympathy for sophomores and juniors as they consider the prospect of not starting their fall term in Cambridge," the school said.

"We could not help but recognize the unique position that first-year students find themselves in, making the transition to college in these strange times. They have not yet begun to build their Harvard network of faculty, advisors, and friends or learn about life in the Yard. Even with the many adaptations that will be in place this fall, we see enormous value in having them on campus in our residential system."

First-year students will complete the fall semester on-campus and then “return home and learn remotely in the spring.”

People notes seniors are expected to return to campus in early 2021.

There will be no change in tuition despite the remote classes. The university announced tuition and fees will "remain as announced for the 2020-21 academic year,” which People notes is $49,653 without fees or room and board charges.

As a make-good, the prestigious university will allow all undergrad students enrolled remotely for the full year to take two summer school courses in the summer of 2021 under a “special arrangement that waives tuition.”

Harvard announced it is taking proper precautions to ensure the safety of students and staff. Testing will be required for everyone returning to campus. Students living in dorms will be tested every three days.

There will also be social distancing protocols, houses dedicated to “quarantine and isolation,” and “touchless” food systems.

Harvard isn’t the only Ivy League going full remote. Earlier in the week, Princeton announced that only first-year students and juniors will be invited back to campus in August. Sophomores and seniors will return in the spring semester. However, unlike Harvard, Princeton is offering a 10% discount for full year undergrads as most of the teaching will be done remotely.

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