Hottest dog costumes for Halloween 2020

By , WWJ Newsradio 950

(WWJ) Despite the financial strain for many during the pandemic, it appears folks remain willing to invest in their pets.

According to data trends provider SEMRush, a lot of people are still buying whimsical Halloween duds for their dogs.

SEMRush analyzed recent Google searches, and says one of the biggest Halloween search spikes in 2020 was for dog costumes.

Oddly enough, the number one searched dog costume was a Chucky, followed by a spider, and a snuggle-worthy Baby Yoda coming in third place.

Check out the complete Top 10 list below, complete with adorable pics!

1. Chucky dog costume

Chucky dog costume

2. Spider dog costume

Spider dog costume

​​​​​​​​​​​​​3. Baby Yoda dog costume

Baby Yoda dog costume

4. Batman dog costume

Batman dog costume

5. Dinosaur dog costume

Dinosaur dog costume

6. Pumpkin dog costume

Pumpkin dog costume

7. Ewok dog costume

Ewok dog costume

8. Star Wars dog costume

Star Wars dog costume

9. Lion dog costume

Lion dog costume

10. Tiger dog costume

Tiger dog costume

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