How To Get Your Smart Home Devices to Stop Listening to You 24/7

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“Alexa, please stop listening to me all the time.”

Smart home devices have become ubiquitous with many of us choosing convenience over privacy.

And while it’s nice to have music play or get the weather with the sound of your voice, the downside is Alexa and Siri, and who knows who else, is always eavesdropping on your conversations.

But luckily there is something you can do to make it all stop; just turn the microphone off.

If you’re not exactly sure how to do this, the good people at USA Today have broken it all down.

If Alexa is you gal then you can easily depress the microphone button on your Amazon Echo. A red light will illuminate signifying the power has been cut off and your top secret conversations can once again commence.

Similarly, owners of the Facebook Portal just need to slide the top switch to left and watch for the red light that once again means both mic and camera have been deactivated.

If you’ve got a Google device it gets a little more complicated as the tech giants has at least five different types of smart systems.

Google Home owners can simply shut off the microphone by depressing the mute button on the back of the device.

Those with a Home Mini or Nest Mini need to hit the switch on the power cord, which will turn orange to let you know it’s safe to spill the tea with your pals.

If you have a Home Max, the magic silent switch is on the back and will also turn a lovely shade of pumpkin to convey it’s been turned off.

Another thing to consider is voice commands sent over the internet can be stored indefinitely and may pick up your conversations. Those conversations can be used in lawsuits and police investigations.

To have some control of your privacy, companies like Amazon will now let you “request automatic deletions after three or 18 months” but you have to set it up, reported Variety.

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