How to Know What's Available at Your Supermarket From Home


A common gripe among Americans practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic is the fact that, despite staying home as much as possible, when they do venture out for supplies, they’re met with empty shelves instead of the items they went to the store to buy.

The developers behind the OurStreets app, based in Washington, D.C., saw this situation not as a reason to complain, but as a problem that they could help solve with the service they had already rolled out to their users.

Called OurStreets Supplies, the app and website uses an already established infrastructure to allow people to report back on what they could, and couldn’t, find at their local grocery stores and pharmacies.

Users can then go onto the app or visit the website, click on the store they plan to go to, and see if the items that they need were reported to be in stock by other users.

The app also takes it further, allowing users to report whether there is enough space for shoppers to be able to adhere to social distancing best practices, and to leave comments on matters that could be helpful to others.

Additional features will be rolled out soon, including the ability to search for specific supplies in your area so you know which store to go to, new sorting options, and the ability for users to post an update from home instead of having to do it in real time from the store.

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