Viral hack offers tips to win at Monopoly

Playing a board game
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Ever sat down for a "quick game of Monopoly?" The answer to that question is no. No one has!

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Monopoly is that game that just seems to go on FOREVER! But if you find yourself "forced" to sit down and play, someone on reddit has the perfect strategy to win. Surprisingly it does not include having a hotel on Boardwalk.

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Here are a few tips:

1. Buy everything you can. Play by the REAL RULES where if someone chooses not to buy, that property gets auctioned off to the highest bidder.

2. Don't buy the utilities or railroad with the intent of completing the set, instead use them for trades with players who THINK they're good at the game but really aren't.

3. Where do most folks land after getting out of jail? The orange and red properties, right? Snatch those up.

4. Put 4 houses on your full sets as quickly as possible. But NEVER A HOTEL. The rules state that once the houses in the box are gone, no one can get any more, therefore no one can build hotels.

Will your friends yell at you? Probably but it's about winning the game, right?

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