IHOP Made Its Menu Smaller to ‘Simplify Operations’ During Coronavirus


The global coronavirus outbreak has left restaurants across the country in a position where businesses don’t know what will happen next.

Throughout the past couple of months, chain restaurants have lost business and had to implement changes to stay in business.

IHOP, the restaurant famous for pancakes, announced a major change. The chain revealed its new, slimmed-down menu, which is only two pages.

Today reported that previously the restaurant had a laminated menu that was 12 pages long. The new list is not just smaller, and it will also be disposable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"IHOP went from a 12-page, reusable menu to a two-page, single-use menu to increase the safety of our guests and restaurant team members, to simplify operations for new and returning team members, and to help ensure that we can maintain a stable supply chain for all of the ingredients we use," Brad Haley, IHOP's chief marketing officer, said.

Due to coronavirus, the pancake chain has replaced syrup bottles and other condiments with single-serve containers.

The chief marketing officers shared that many IHOP's most "popular menu items," like pancakes, burgers, and omelets, will not be leaving the menu.

IHOP reported that if your favorite item has been taken off the list, it is still possible to customize other dishes to create a similar meal.

Haley said many customers' favorite items are still sticking around.

"We didn't lose any big menu categories, we just trimmed across the board," he said. "We held on to popular items that weren't as difficult to prepare and lost complicated items that fewer guests ordered, and that could be replaced with something similar."

IHOP has started using QR codes, which allows customers to scan them on their smartphone to look at the restaurant's menu.

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