Is It Safe to Go to Hair Salons as They Begin to Reopen?


The days of cutting your own hair are coming to an end as non-essential businesses, like hair salons, are slowly opening back up after months of stay-at-home orders to slow down the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

But as many states begin to ease restrictions, you may find yourself wondering if it's safe to go to the hair salon.

Regardless of where you go, precautions will need to be taken by all parties involved to ensure everyone’s safety. notes that the biggest issue with going to a hair salon is that there is a lot of close contact, which isn't ideal for a virus that spreads through person-to-person contact.

Claudia Skinner, DNP, former critical care nurse and director of clinical excellence at St. Jude Medical Center in Orange County, CA, told the publication that the biggest risk is coming into contact with someone that’s asymptomatic.

Another concern is touching commonly shared areas like salon chairs and tools.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has provided detailed guidance for beauty salons that encourage reducing the amount of customers allowed in a shop at one time, limiting face-to-face contact by standing behind clients, requiring stylists and customers to wear face masks and shields, and sanitizing high-touch areas.

Many states and cities are issuing their own safety guidelines to ensure safe operation, while hair salons are taking it upon themselves to put rules in place to protect clients.

Danielle Cohen-Shohet, co-founder of spa and salon software company GlossGenius, will only accept contactless payments. Her salons will also separate workstations and measure temperatures upon entering the salon.

One salon in Schaumburg, Illinois is going is asking customers to limit the amount of objects they bring in and to refrain from bringing in food and non-bottled drinks.

Charles Bailey, MD, medical director of infection prevention at St. Joseph Hospital and Mission Hospital in Orange County, CA, said if customers are worried, there are things they can do ahead of time including calling salons to find out what policies they've implemented and what to expect from the appointment.

Many salons are also sharing rules and guidelines on their social media accounts.

The bottom line is that there is a risk of exposure everywhere you go. Be sure to practice proper social distancing, avoid going out if you're feeling ill, and follow guidelines if you do decide to go to the salon.

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