Jimmy Fallon Works Out With John Cena in Michelob Super Bowl Commercial


Michelob Ultra has tapped Jimmy Fallon and John Cena for its Super Bowl commercial.

The beer company surprisingly focused their ad on fitness and explained to TODAY that they wanted to find a man who “loved drinking beer and hated working out.”

"Luckily for me, when you Google that, my name is the first thing that pops up,” the late night host said in a press release.

According to the company's vice president of marketing Azania Andrews, Michelob’s campaign wants to show "people like Jimmy that fitness isn't a chore.”

And it does.

At the kickstart of the ad, Fallon looks pained as he does kettlebell lifts alongside Cena.

Unable to keep up with the workout, Fallon loses his grip on the weight and watches it crash through a glass window and onto the street almost hitting pedestrians.

Fallon calls it a day and finds solace at a nearby bar drinking an ice-cold, low-carb Michelob Ultra as he vents about how much “working out sucks”

Cena encourages him to “see the lighter side of things,” and Fallon’s outlook changes once he embraces an athletic mindset and incorporates sports into his day-to-day lifestyle.

It also helps that he gets a little support from some of his sports-savvy friends.

Fallon finds himself running track while his late night show band, The Roots, and world record sprinter Usain Bolt cheer him on.

Next, Fallon hits the golf course, and though his buddy and fellow golfer Justin Timberlake isn’t there, he “works it” with pro-golfer Brooks Koepka.

Cena then joins Fallon in a friendly game of volleyball with champs Kerri Walsh Jennings and Brooke Sweat.

Fallon finishes on the football field where Cena beams with pride and tells him, “I'm so proud I could squat you.”

Michelob’s tagline, which applies to both beer choice and an active lifestyle, flashes across the screen, “it’s only worth it if you enjoy it.”

Sure enough, Fallon seems pleased with his fitness journey as he exclaims, “I feel great.”

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