Let your inner Picasso shine with these epic $30 drawing lessons

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Whether you're learning to make art for the first time or are hoping to sharpen your skills and make a living off your drawing chops, developing your own creations can be incredibly rewarding. But if you're thinking about enrolling in some traditional art classes, you may want to think again, as they can really set you back a pretty penny.

If you'd love to hone in on your drawing skills but are on a tight budget, The 2022 Art of Drawing Bundle has exactly what you're looking for, and it'll be way less stressful on your wallet. Jam-packed with 11 courses designed for all different levels of artists, students will dive deep into the art of drawing, exploring essential basics and moving onto more advanced concepts, like how to draw cartoony characters, paint digitally, and so much more.

Another one of the over 2,000 carefully curated e-educational programs created by online course provider, SkillSuccess, The 2022 Art of Drawing Bundle gives students access to invaluable tools and insight to help them become the best artists they can be. And with lesson plans created by top-rated instructors, including experienced comic book artists, animators, and illustrators, students can learn firsthand what it means to create one-of-a-kind pieces and really get creative.

When enrolled in this 11-course art program, students have access to just over 25 hours of content that focuses on art and the science of drawing. And since all the lessons are 100% online, artists can take things at their own pace, never feeling rushed or judged for their work, enjoying the process fully. From learning about shading fundamentals and spacing to measuring proportions and perfecting contours, students can build a solid foundation as artists that they'll continue to build on for years to come.

If you're ready to channel your inner Van Gogh, start by saving big bucks on The 2022 Art of Drawing Bundle, now just $29.99 — that's less than $3 bucks a course!

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