Local woman's yard signs spreads happiness in honor of late father

Chelsea Davenport of Richardson found inspiration in a time of tragedy to start spreading some cheer around the community.
Little yellow smiley face
Little yellow smiley face Photo credit Getty Images

Chelsea Davenport of Richardson found inspiration in a time of tragedy.

Last April, she was driving to a friend's house when she began thinking about her recently passed father whom she called "Poppy."

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As she was overcome with emotion, she pulled over to regain composure and noticed a gigantic, smiley face sign in a neighbor's yard.

Davenport told the Dallas Morning News: "I had never seen a sign like this before, and I wondered, ‘What is going on? Why is this here?’ I came inside my friend’s house crying, ‘Why is Poppy’s smiley face in your neighbor’s yard?’"

So, in honor of Poppy, Davenport began placing the same smiley face signs in her yard, and the kindness and joy they brought spread to the entire neighborhood.

"I was just trying to put a smile on somebody’s face that needed it or that had made me smile, thank them. People were calling me saying this person needs a smile, they were just diagnosed with breast cancer or someone got a job and was celebrating," she explained of the gesture.

That simple yard sign helped Davenport in her healing process, and now she wants to make sure brings that relief to others.

Recalling the words of Poppy, she said: "The most important things in life are family, friends and being kind to everyone."

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