Man Beats Coronavirus After 42 Days on Ventilator and 65 Days Away From Home


Paul Canetti, a man from Sacramento, California, spent 65 days away from home battling COVID-19.

According to KGTV, Canetti spent 42 days on a ventilator. He battled the deadly disease in the ICU at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento.

Canetti was welcomed home with a parade that was organized by his family and friends.

"You know it's quite a shock when I woke up, and they asked me what day it is, and I thought it was March, and it was May 9th," Canetti said.

The coronavirus survivor had no idea how he got COVID-19 but remembered when he got sick, he went straight to the emergency room. Canetti is an avid walker and has no pre-existing health conditions.

Canetti said he is used to playing with his grandkids, going to trivia, and playing golf with his friends.

The grandfather mentioned how the nurses and doctors at Sutter Medical did everything they could to help him feel relaxed.

"They put pictures of me in the ICU, and they would talk to me on FaceTime, and they would say this is what you are fighting for, keep fighting, so I did," Canetti said.

When he started breathing on his own, he eventually was transferred to a rehab facility. Canetti lost 50% of his muscle mass as well as 30 pounds.

Now that he is resting at home, he wants everyone to know how dangerous COVID-19 is.

"To fight this enemy, you don't have to be a navy seal, and you just have to put on a mask. So you won't be a statistic or start over like me with the strength of a baby," Canetti said.

Canetti said his family has tested positive for the virus but did not get it as severe as he did.

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