Man Hangs Giant Roll of Toilet Paper From a Tree in Front Yard


A Florida man is trying to bring some levity to all the toilet paper hysteria currently gripping the nation.

To do so, Donald Ryan got creative and hung a giant roll of toilet paper from two palm trees in his front yard.

Ryan owns an arts and crafts business and used his skills to make a statement about everyone stocking up on the bathroom essential in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Now don’t freak out, because he didn’t actually waste any precious TP and made a replica of the most valuable commodity instead.

“I think the whole idea is crazy; the toilet paper phenomenon,” he told WFLA.

“I had the pulleys in the trees all along because I do Christmas decorations up there and Halloween and Easter and all kinds of things, so I put it to use.”

After building the enormous recreation he painted the name of his business, Who Would Wonder, on the roll.

He hopes his art installation will give people a reason to smile with everything else going on in the world right now.

“Everybody loves it,” Ryan said. “You got to laugh, or you’re going to just drive yourself crazy.”

Earlier this week, no one was laughing when an 18-wheeler carrying a huge load of toilet paper was involved in a fiery crash that left a slew of its precious cargo charred and dispersed along the highway.

While, thankfully no one was injured, the accident is sure to only exasperate the shortage of toilet paper on store shelves.

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