Man held ‘I love you’ sign outside wife’s hospital window for 10 days as she battled COVID

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A Florida man is melting hearts for how he supported his wife after she was hospitalized with COVID.

Donna Crane, 56, tested positive for COVID-19 in Port Orange, Florida despite receiving her Johnson & Johnson vaccine a week earlier, she told GMA. Her condition worsened and she needed to be hospitalized.

Unable to visit his wife in the hospital, Gary Crane, 61, showed his support by holding up a sign that read “I love you” outside of her hospital room window for the 10 days she was in the ICU.

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Donna recounted how she first started experiencing COVID-related symptoms and began a quarantine at home. After 10 days, she was unable to breathe.

"Gary heard me gurgling at night trying to breathe," Donna said. "He woke me up, got the scuba tanks out of the garage and was blowing air, trying to get me to breathe that way. That wasn't working and then he was like, 'All right, we're going to the hospital.'"

Once Donna arrived at the hospital, she was immediately admitted and taken to the intensive care unit because her oxygen levels were so low.

"That was the last I saw Gary," she said. "He couldn't go back there with me."

She was later diagnosed with double pneumonia as a result of COVID-19, the outlet noted.

"It was really rough on both of us," Gary, a lieutenant with Marion County Fire Rescue said. "It was the last I saw her for ten days. That was the hardest part -- just not knowing. I would call the nurses and they could only give me basic stuff like her vitals."

See the heartfelt sign HERE

Over the next ten days, Gary stood in the parking lot and held up a homemade sign with the sweet words of encouragement.

"I just wanted her to know I was there," Gary shared.

"My nurses were very sweet but they didn't replace my Gary," Donna added. "Gary coming with a sign every day to tell me he loves me was amazing. He was doing everything in his power to be there."

Initially reluctant to get their COVID shots, the couple have since become huge supporters of the vaccine.

"The doctor said if Donna hadn't been vaccinated that it could've been a lot worse," Gary said.

"I was the most skeptical person about it," Donna admitted. "I was not for it at all but every chance I get now, I say, 'Get your vaccine.' The most important thing right now to me is getting the word out there to get your vaccine."

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