Many websites won't be supported by older Androids in 2021

Photo credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It may be time to upgrade your old Android phone.

A report from Android Police notes that many secure websites will stop working on devices with Android versions prior to 7.1.1 Nougat.

Certification non-profit organization Let’s Encrypt announced that its partnership with certification authority IdenTrust will end on Sept. 1, 2021. And since many websites now use HTTPS to securely transmit information, certain websites won't be supported or compatible with an older version of Android.

Those with older operating systems, roughly 33.7 percent of users, will get certification errors when browsing many websites beginning next year.

While upgrading your phone is the best option, if you don’t want to do that, Encrypt suggests using Firefox as a web browser, which uses its own certification store.

"For an Android phone’s built-in browser, the list of trusted root certificates comes from the operating system – which is out of date on these older phones," a post explained.

"However, Firefox is currently unique among browsers – it ships with its own list of trusted root certificates. So anyone who installs the latest Firefox version gets the benefit of an up-to-date list of trusted certificate authorities, even if their operating system is out of date."

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